Tis the season to be cheery :).  I love this time of year! Coming from retail it was fun to help people gather their gifts and get ready for the season. Although, it's not so much about the presents as it is the time together.  Spending time with family and friends, getting to go to those holiday parties all dressed up, and the movement of the season.  There's just a magical energy to it all.  Sometimes we get taken over by wanting to give the perfect gift and fighting holiday crowds causing ourself stress and to become out of our sorts.  Giving the perfect gift is fun and doesn't have to be stressful. Just by bringing yourself back to the present moment and becoming mindful when you do start to get fluffed up, take a few deep breathes, you can then allow yourself to refocus on the magic that surrounds you.   

Growing up celebrating christmas it was fun to not only open my gifts but watch as my family would unwrap theirs.  I love giving gifts and seeing people so excited.   Even if it's not a special occasion and a just because gift is the best way to cheer someone day!  However, what’s very easy to forget during these times is the fact that there are so many families in the world that are struggling to put food on the table for the kids, and holiday gifts and parties just aren't possible. The great thing though, is that we live in a world of technology and just a click of the button WE can help!! There are so many ways to help too!!!  I have gathered a list of some great charities to donate too.  Some you can finish your holiday shopping and receive as they donate back to communities. Others will donate to kids and even childrens hospitals.  I've also included our charity we helped this summer...Yoga For Water! Gather. Give. Empower (DETROIT) campaign is going on till December 20th, that I would love help in gathering and filling bags with goodies to spread some cheer! 

In addition to this I'm including a flow to help you get energized to stay present during this season of gloriousness.  If you love it so much you can click on the Donate button to donate a special amount and I will be sharing it with a charity at the end of the Month.  This is a season of giving and coming together, so I hope you'll help me in helping others! Have an amazing Holiday and Let's start Giving!!!

Charities to Check Out!

From checking people off your gift giving list or just in the spirit of giving here are some pretty cool places I thought would be great to check out during the season of giving.  Many places give donations from your purchase but are also obtaining their goods they send you from places in need and helping those communities out. Another great idea for the holiday's I think would be in leu of a gift or even as a partial gift if you choose, would be to Make a donation in their honor to a charity like Make a Wish, St. Jude, or even our Yoga for Water.  

So Let the Giving Begin!  Even if it's a small amount you add to everyone on your list, what a great thing it would be to say they were part of helping others out! Who Knows....maybe we can start something even more magical...maybe we can change the world!! I do know that even any little bit we offer will change someones world, and THAT is magic in itself!!

Rosie Hippo
Rosie Hippo's owner, Kim Bloom, is a mom and breast cancer survivor who offers high-quality handcrafted natural toys that were created under fair working conditions and are eco-friendly. At Rosie Hippo, you will find beautifully handcrafted wooden toys, toys made from organic fabrics, toys from individuals, companies, villages and cooperatives around the world, and books and games that stimulate creativity and independent thought. We offer toys that will evoke a sense of fun, curiosity and wonder for that special little one in your life. And all of our toys are produced under conditions that are fair to workers and kind to our environment.  The online shop also gives back to the community by donating a portion of the proceeds to charities like Room to Grow,  and the Young Survival Coalition.

 Make-a-Wish Foundation : One of the world’s most important charitable foundations, not simply because they grant the Christmas wishes of children, but because they grant all wishes of kids throughout the year. Even more importantly, they do so for kids who face life-threatening medical conditions aged from 2 1/2 to 18 years old.

Global Goods
This is a nonprofit that sells handmade, fair-trade products made by women in marginalized countries around the worldBrowse the online store for beautiful hand-crafted gifts like soccer balls, bibs, felt bags, hats and stuffed animals. The organization works directly with almost 40 artisan groups that employ more than 3,000 people in 20 countries, so your purchase will be helping these women build sustainable livelihoods. .

St. Jude Gift Shop
The famous hospital's online gift shop is stocked with a wide variety of gifts, some St. Jude-specific (T-shirts, bibs and hats) and others not (beading sets, a robot chalk board and artsy tote bags are some of our favorites). All proceeds support the life-saving research and family-centered care at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Yoga For Water  : They are on a path to helping those in need of HOPE, through CLEAN WATER and you are a very important part of this journey!  In September, our team journeyed to implement the YOGA FOR WATER project in Popotlán, El Salvador, where we were able to help 50 families with clean drinking water and your support has meant the world to the families and they are grateful!  Let's help this holiday season by helping 50+ more families that are in need!  

My Gift to YOU!

click to go to your Energizing flow to amp you up through the holidays !!

click to go to your Energizing flow to amp you up through the holidays !!


With all the hustle and bustle of the season it can be tiring to be out and about, especially as the seasons chill is upon us.  What better way to kick it than with a fun and energizing flow to lift your spirits and have some fun! Grab your friends and make it a fun way to get your holiday parties started! I know you'll have a blast!!  

Gather. Give. Empower (Detroit):  

In this time of holiday “spirit” where it tends to be a time of excess, I am asking you to rid yourself of the excess.  All the extra bags and purses, mens bags and brief cases.  Let’s take them and fill them with hand warmers and gloves even snacks.  Everyday essentials and whatever you think you might use on the daily…like a toothbrush and floss even.  Lets fill these bags with goodies, from now until December the 20th finding them and filling them.  I will be collecting them at our Yoga in the Park location at the East Boat Launch Kensington Metro Park between 1:00-1:30 that Sunday, then heading off to Downtown Detroit to pass them out.  If you would like to donate, participate, or have any questions at all please Contact Me Here.  

Gather. Give. Empower (Detroit) Click below to donate funds that will go towards filling the bags with everyday essentials for those in need!

Gather. Give. Empower (Detroit) Click below to donate funds that will go towards filling the bags with everyday essentials for those in need!


Thank you so much for being apart of my tribe!! I am so grateful to be able to share with you and help change the lives of others! You truly make my Dreams Come True!! 

Have a safe and wonderful Holiday Season!!!

Namaste (: