Grateful Heart

Hi There! 

First off, I would like to start out by telling you how much I truly appreciate you for coming along on this journey with me, without you my dreams could not be coming true.  You are the reason I love teaching and sharing yoga with the world, so thank you from the bottom of my grateful heart.  

We have arrived at the season of giving thanks!

If it hasn't hit full force yet it may be about to.  It's such a festive time of year.  The leaves have fall'n, the weather shifts, and so do the moods.  Some for the better and some for the worse.  It's ok.  


Everything changes. The leaves, the weather, the colour of your hair, the texture of your skin. The feelings you have today - whether they kill you or enthrall you - won’t be the same tomorrow, so let go. Celebrate. Enjoy. Nothing lasts, except your decision to celebrate everything, everyone, for the beauty that is there within each moment, each smile, each impermanent flicker of infinity.” ― Vironika Tugaleva

It's a wild life we live in.  We put a lot of stress on ourselves sometimes when family starts to come into town or we ourselves are the ones doing the traveling.  It can happen when we start to change from our normal me I feel ya.  However, it's also a wonderful time of year! We just have to push the reset button and flip the perspective.  It is not often that we get to see some of the people we do see during this season.  For some it may not be your favorite person, but there is always something to learn from everyone we come in contact with.  Take down the judgement sheet and allow yourself to fully experience each moment.  We don't have that many days here so let's find the happy in them while we can.  

It was not too long ago that I got news my father had a heart condition.  It scared me and woke me up. Fortunately we had a year and a half together after that day I heard of his condition.  I was able to allow myself to be more present in that year and a half than I had ever been before.  My dad in person, was not always chatty, especially if you were there for a full couple of days.  However, it wasn't always his words that the memories I now have come's the silly, silent, fun tv watching hang out times we had.  For instance, we would have silent candy corn fights and toss them secretly at each other, my husband and him some how would partner up in their ways and keep the candy from me.  We ate so much and tossed so much that it was EVERYWHERE, my dad had me stash it around in his drawers so he would stop.  It was just a fun giggly time that I will always remember because I would put down my phone, except for pictures, while I was with him.  Texts and calls could wait.  It is the person that is in front of you at this moment who deserves your attention, not the one you're making plans with through text so you can later ignore them texting others.  

So as you feel yourself coming into the chaos bring your self to the present.  Ask yourself what's good in this moment right here right now.  Prior to entering that door of "AAAAHH" and letting that anxiety build allow your self to be aware.  I have put together a lovely heart opening flow that you can do any time.  It allows the body to open up in spaces we start crunching together as stress and chaos comes upon us.  Opening up and broadening the shoulders will allow you to breathe fuller and bring clarity to each moment.  Even if you don't have the 10 min to do the full video, just by sitting in your car upon arrival closing your eyes and taking three deep breaths as you breathe in what you're thankful for and exhale what no longer serves you.   We all get stress and caught up in the chaos, but it's learning to control it and take it back down so you can truly appreciate the moments and find the joy.

It wasn't until later when we were cleaning out my dad's stuff that I found hidden candy corn in his sock drawer.  In a hard time that I could have closed in and broken down, it made me laugh and think about the moments we were able to spend and giggle.  I was brought back to that day and now can cherish and find the joy in the moments we had.  

So what are you grateful for? Be specific.  Write it down.  Five things in detail that truly bring you joy.  I'll wait .... :) 

Now on the back I want you to write in big letters BREATHE.  Place this in your wallet, something you always have with you.  When you come into these moments that feel overwhelming and feel it's impossible to try and breathe, take a look at your notes.  Close your eyes and envision these things.  Breathe.  Let go of what's not serving you.  Allow yourself to come back into this moment, right here, right now.  You are stronger than the chaos and you control your reaction to it.  Enjoy these days together!  

Thank you once again for being apart of my tribe! I am ever so grateful! YOU are the one I think of when I feel overwhelmed.  

Enjoy the wonders of the season and find the magic in each  moment!

Namaste (: