Ahhh the new year...

As we come to the new year we are reminded that all things begin again. But it doesn’t necessarily mean we have to completely change, does it??

Why not give yourself the space to grow? We can always take yesterdays experience and either evolve or remain stagnant in our thinking. If we chose to remain the same, nothing will ever change, challenge, or encourage growth within. We always have a choice.

The new year allows us to reflect and start “fresh”, just as we get to do each time we come to our mats, we begin again.

  • What did you move through last year that you reflected on to be your greatest moments?

  • What moments challenged you?

  • What can you take away from both of those to move forward?

  • Did you like who you were? (to yourself and to others)

  • What do you intend to do differently?

This past year for me was incredible!

Though, when I needed and extra two weeks off to continue to heal from surgery one of my employers responded with “I was really hoping 2019 would be your year, and hope you heal fast. Sending all our love your way”.

I was a bit taken back by this as I didn’t think it was that tough in 2018, but looking back I had A LOT of moments that took me out HARD!

The thing is, I’ve trained myself over the years to see the good and actually had forgotten the hospital visits and migraine take outs that in the moment were not fun, but not the end. Take time when things are hard to shift the momentum and see the good that came out of it.

With that said I set my 2019 intentions with an overall mantra

“BE BETTER, DO BETTER (without perfectionism) “

*i’m using “the universe has your back” journal by gabrielle bernstein

*i’m using “the universe has your back” journal by gabrielle bernstein

To the left you can see my journaling for what I wish to see in myself this year to become a better being.

As humans we have the opportunity to continue to grow. We get to use our intellect to make choices outside of what we are (humans) unlike animals or plants. This is one of the greatest opportunities that the new year brings to us, the chance to reflect upon what was and move into what is with a new perspective from experience. How incredible is that? We always get to evolve because we choose to, not because our genes have mutated us to change with the environment. We always have a choice.

What are your intentions for this year?

Send me a message and let me know , post it on social media, write it in a text to close friends, maybe just on a napkin you can place on your fridge. Whatever it is, write it down! See it often. Hold yourself accountable!

Happy New Year!!