Winter Warm Up and Blues Buster


Happiest of New Years to You!!

It's a new year and the holidays are past us, but being grateful shouldn't be.  Something easy to do to kick the winter blues is to grab a jar of any sorts or even a plastic tupperware and label it Grateful Jar! You can make it as festive and sparkly as you'd like.  Whatever it takes to make it visible to you each day! Keep a little pad of paper and a pen on or under it and at the end of Each Day this month I want you to write down what you're grateful for,  date it and sign it.  The whole family can get in on this.  At the end of the week or month have a day or a dinner where you all gather for your Grateful dinner.  Go through and read what each was grateful for that week.  Save these in a gallon baggy labeled 2016 that way you can go back each year as you've moved to new places, traveled around, or are even having a tough time and check out things that you were truly grateful for to help you find the happy in your day. 

During this season as it tends to cool down and freeze over in many areas we also start to go into lockdown.  I've put together something to keep you cozy and warm you up like a good ol' cup of hot cocoa.  

Here's Your Warmup Winter Flow