Love it all in...


Ahhh the month of love is finally here. <3 

I love this month because of that reason...LOVE! This world is full of so many wonderful things we sometimes just need to open our eyes to see it! Sometimes those moments are when we look in the mirror.  Ever have one of those days you just feel blah?!  I do.  After running around the house cleaning up every nook and cranny then organizing and fluffing I pass a mirror and the thought rolled through my head " OH BOY" as my eyes widened and then rolled to the side with slight disgust.  THEN, I looked again and said out loud "BE Nice!".  I looked at my self again and saw MYself.   I am doing things that make me happy, those lines on my face are from all the great belly laughs I've had at amazing moments.  And yes, some are from stress, the stress of losing loved ones that meant so much to me.  I gaze to the side though at my strong shoulders and think how strong I have become because of these life experiences.  My life would not be whole without them.  I am ok that my heart hurts sometimes, because I am SO grateful now for all the happiest moments I get to have that taste so much sweeter than ever before.  I love this life. We live in a world of beauty, and YOU are part of it!! YOU are B-E-A-YOU-TIFUL!!! We tend to pass judgment on ourselves so quickly like a bad habit we can't get rid of, so this month is all about Self Love! Ever heard the saying it takes 21 days to break a habit?! Well, this is a big one to break so let's build our biggest love bomb this month and shine bright.  Over the next 21 day's let's write love letters..".to Self, I love you! xxoo me :)"

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Add yours to the feed to be apart of the community! They will be  short sweet love notes to ourselves on what we love.  Then we use it as out mantra to meditate these good thoughts for two-five minutes daily.  The more you do something the more it becomes a new replacement for an old habit. So let's give it a try! 


March challenge!?  Amp up your strength!  Coming next month I will be hosting a special yoga challenge to keep you from the hibernation cave that the winter blues tend to take us.  We will be Doing Daily Empowering Flows and Check ins that will keep you strong and Amped up and Ready for the spring break get away!  





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To Start the kickoff of Empowering Your Practice Each month we will dive deeper and deeper into the world of yoga.  

Yoga is more than just a sequence of poses that we flow through.  In fact, it's only a small small part of yoga.  There are 8 limbs or steps that help us live a more fully rounded life.  They keep us more aware and in the present moment.  

The first limb or step of yoga is basically the ethical standards.  They are called the Yamas which are universal practices that relate best to what we know as the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” There are five yamas in total.  These are great to learn and use as daily intention setters.  As we step on the mat we set an intention or meaning for our practice today.  Asana/poses of yoga is useless if you don't take what you learn on the mat, off into your daily life.

Ahimsa, meaning non violence or non harming.  This is a great tool to use when stepping onto the mat or any other physical activity you endure.  It's important to do your best at things and be wholehearted, but there's a fine line between whole heartedness and ego.  Be Strong in what you do, but don't over do it.  Doing all things with love (or non-violence) means not pushing yourself past the limit into the point where your practice becomes harmful to your body.  Over doing things cause injury.  Walk the edge and allow yourself to explore what it's like to be easy and add to it a little more and a little more.  Knowing when to back off is actually more more courageous that pulling out the full pose when you're not ready or your body never allowed for it.  Know that each and every bone and muscle in each and every body is never the same or in fact knowing that each day your body is different itself!  Knowing this gets you closer and closer to enlightenment and seeing the world fully.  Taking this to real world, off the mat, practices can be taken from a less physical standpoint.  Going with our theme of the month Love it all in.  Sometimes our thoughts to ourselves are so harsh.  We can be our biggest critics.  Knowing that we have the power to change our thinking is part of ahimsa.  Non-harming thoughts towards ourselves will actually project onto how we see the world.  By simply complementing yourself and taking note on what you did right instead of wrong will turn into flipping our whole perspective on the world.  I've had the pleasure to work with Bryan Kest this past December who had such powerful words to share.  One lesson was "What the F#ck are you feeding?".  He's a little more brash than I am ;) but he gets the message across.  Basically, what you feed, a.k.a your thoughts, survives and what you don't dies.  Makes sense right?!  If you feed a dirty rat it will keep coming back and get bigger and stronger.  Just as if you feed dirty, self harming thoughts they grow bigger and bigger.  Ever watch an infomercial for an extended period?  At first you may think, " Please?! This stuff isn't for real is it?" Then after an hour of being sucked in "WOW! I really think they're on to something!"

The more exposed to something the more you begin to believe it!  The more you think harsh thoughts the more your perception become harsh.  The more you feed the good, the more the world turns into a more magical place.  

Plus, what harm are you actually doing by thinking more positive thoughts?? The people around you might see it and start doing it too!! How crazy would that be?! What if we all started doing it and throwing a big LOVE BOMB out to the world and seeing the magic there is to see?? There's no harm in trying right?  So let's do it!

It takes 21 days to break a habit! Today is your DAY ONE!

Go grab a scrap piece of paper.  Write 5 things you love about you...GO! Now flip it and write 5 things you love about life!!  Place this in a spot you will see it on the daily...Bathroom mirror dead center is a great spot!  Now whenever you're feeling harsh take out your ahimsa paper and write down what you love.  Flip the perspective on how your feeling and turn it to the positive.  It takes practice and time to create change.  Yoga is more than just the poses and they don't call it a practice for no reason.  You can do anything you put your heart and mind into!  I believe in you and so should you!!

You've got this!! Breathe it all in and LOVE it all out!

Be Strong.  Be YOU.  BE EMPOWERED!!

Namaste (: