Rise and Shine to Salute the Sun!

Happy Summer!!!

Athleta Solstice Kick off event

Athleta Solstice Kick off event

This past weekend we kicked off the summer with two solstice events! First we started pre-solstice at Athleta of Twelve Oaks Mall (Novi, MI) where we flowed in store to create an energetic look at the past six months. Then moved forward with balance to create a fresh outlook on the future. 

Rise and Shine...

Opening our hearts to the journey ahead...Kensington Metro Park East Boat Launch

Opening our hearts to the journey ahead...Kensington Metro Park East Boat Launch

Monday we did a RISE AND SHINE flow with the sun to salute it for all it's energy.  We arrived in the park as the moon was setting and took over the grassy hill at Kensington Metro Parks East Boat Launch.  It was an incredible flow as the sun rose above us.  We opened our hearts to our journey from past and right into present.  Setting intention for the next 6 months. It was an amazing time of day to be in the park and flow with strength, muscle and mind.  So grateful to have been able to share that with everyone. 

What is solstice?

Well, it's the Kick Off to the next chapter in our year.  We salute the sun as it rises to the longest day of the year. We take a look back at our journeys from the past months till now and let go of what's no longer needed. We take forward a fresh start to the season and the new energy it brings. 

So what are your intentions moving forward for the next six months??

What will you let go of? Know that what we feed survives and what we let go dies.  Give strength and power to the positive and stop giving the energy to the negative or unnecessary junk we hold on to. Flip perspective. Find the good.

Helpful hint to stick with the positive flip...

Each morning rise up and shine on with a grateful heart. Keep a notebook by the coffee pot or water and as it brews (before heading to your yoga mat), make a list of 3 things you are grateful for.  Start each day like that and you will start to automatically flip the coin to see the happy. 

Empower Your Practice!

By Rising Up and Rooting Down in each and every pose you find your body in, we learn to find length in the body and breath. Allow the spine to rise up from the crown in every pose. Allow the heals to root downwards while in mountain pose.  This all creates a length in the body and traction for the spine which in turn allows the organs and blood to flow in a straight line....meaning we have healthy happy insides.  Thinking about the spine in every pose we do and finding the length from tailbone to crown will actually start to lengthen you out, which then takes off any pressure of the vertebrae from the natural force of gravity that happens constantly.  Thus, the reason why a daily practice of yoga is so important.   A daily flow of the sun salutations for even 10 minutes with an intention set on length, breath and body, we can literally start to GROW! How cool is that?!

So wake up, grab that cup of joe, roll out the mat and lets get flowing!!! 

Namaste (: