Where are you now?

We practice yoga to find our way to the present moment to stay focused and clear. However, having a plan for the future and life in general to be able to live out your true passions is also important. Are you loving every moment of life??  Take a look at life. Where are you now?? Do you LOVE what you do? Are you living your passions? Can you picture yourself living this life for the next 20 years? Or are you simply living to get by? And if so for what?

Take a step everyday in the direction of your dreams!

Here are a few steps to get there.

-Make a list!
-Write down everything you want to do in life…like a bucket list. Writing things down puts them out into manifestation. Your taking the first step in the direction of your dreams by exclaiming what you truly want. Place this on your bathroom mirror so you can see it every morning first thing! These are your dreams!! The more we see them the more likely they are to come true!

-Visualize your future!
    -Take five minutes everyday (set a timer) to close your eyes and focus on your greatest dreams!! Find a place, any place to sit and breathe in deep while picturing what you love and a life that would set your inner light on FIRE!!

-Take action!
    -Do something everyday that puts you one step closer to living those passions.
        ~If it’s a new job you want start making the preparations NOW that will make you the MOST DESIRABLE candidate they just cannot refuse! Read up on the job. Research every thing you possibly can that will give you more knowledge to move right in.  If it’s something you truly want then this should be the fun stuff. Go to lectures and meet knew people involved in the world you want to live.
        ~Want to take a trip to a far away land and have goals of living a healthier lifestyle?? Create a two in one! Each time you hit a new goal add money to a jar going towards your trip. Make it easy and don’t spend what you wouldn’t. Make several achievable goals like walking 2 miles two days in a row! Going to yoga five times in one week!
This is a great way to put short term goals together to reach a long term change :).

Stay Focused!
Change isn’t easy, whether it’s for what we dream of or not. Sometimes it’s much easier to stay unchanged in a position we dislike because it takes less work. But who wants to live an unhappy easy life?? That’s not why we’re here!!! Enjoy this life! Sometimes we may run into obstacles that take us off course. That’s ok. It happens to the best of us. It’s why we do yoga. So we can regroup and see when things happen. Then turn the situation around back on to the path in the direction of your dreams! You’ve got this!! Each and every time you come off course it’ll be easier to catch and pull back on, and eventually your focus will be in auto drive!

Stay positive !
Life isn’t always easy. But what we feed thrives and what we don’t dies. Don’t feed the fears! People will tell you your crazy or put down your goals. First off, you’re not doing it for them so their opinion is coming from their own jealousy that they aren’t living their dreams (in that case pass this on ;) ). Secondly, maybe you need to re think who you hang out with. Those who truly love you will support you till the end. Let them know that THIS is what your going to do and why your passionate about it, if they still can’t see it then it’s not for them to live.  This is your life! LIVE IT FOR YOU!!! You deserve to be happy!!! Tell yourself that!!! EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!! Tell yourself how much you deserve happiness and why you’re taking all these actions towards your goal.

In five steps you’ll be well on your way to creating the life you want to live!! Dream big! No dream is to big or too far fetched, as the skeptics will say, for you to go out and do!  Believe in you!! Know that anything worth doing is going to take some work, but in the end that’s what make it even more worth it. In the end, it also seems to be just happening out of thin air and all your hard work seems to have come together as it should.  Live the life you love!