Gather. Give. Empower!


Hope you had the most wonderful day yesterday and your today is even better :).

It’s funny how the day after we give thanks theres a day that’s blacked out.  Some get in this “zone” of shopping and forget all that we were thankful for the day before.  Looking for the “perfect” gift at the lowest price. Fighting over parking spots.  Sometimes letting our manners go all together. Today I’m asking for the perfect gift, but for those in need.   This past week we got dumped on with snow, it was cold…freezing actually.  Imagine now, if you had no home, no place to go.  No clothes or even if you did, nothing to carry them in.  In this time of holiday “spirit” where it tends to be a time of excess, I am asking you to rid yourself of the excess.  All the extra bags and purses, mens bags and brief cases.  Let’s take them and fill them with hand warmers and gloves even snacks.  Everyday essentials and whatever you think you might use on the daily…like a toothbrush even.  Lets fill these bags with goodies, from now until December the 20th finding them and filling them.  I will be collecting them at our Yoga in the Park location then heading off to Downtown detroit, where just a few months ago I ran my half marathon, and noticed those in need.  I think of them now. I am so grateful for this life I’m able to lead and would love to share and give back.  If you’re unable to donate physical goods and would rather donate money to go towards filling the bags I would love it!! I have added a donation button below that you can donate as much as you’d like.  

We gave thanks yesterday, now let’s put it to action on a day that circles around the physical goods and excess and give back to those who would be ever so grateful.  



If you’d like to join us in passing out goodies, I’ll have room in my car to caravan down or if you’d like to be a driver and head down with us that would be fabulous!  Anything you are able to do our give would be much appreciated! Let’s come together on this day and shine our light to warm the community and hearts of others.

Let's Gather our excess goods and fill them up,  Give them out to those in need, and help Empower each other buy lending a hand and lifting the spirits in our communities.