Are you in control? Or is your Mind???

Are you ruled by your likes and dislikes? Or rather do you let your mind be the one in control? 

Living by Likes and Dislikes.

How often do you find yourself in a situation where you’re “disliking” it? Is this situation out of your control? Such as say a season, the weather, a condition of the body ( a broken bone, a women’s moon cycle, etc.). By allowing ourselves to live/enjoy in moments we only “like” and lose out on life because of the minds “dislikes” is to waste a lot of this very short time we have on our journey of life. Lets take the seasons. If you only liked summer, then that’s only 3 months of the year, and you only liked when it was 78 and sunny, well then we shorten that time down by a lot, and we’re left with almost 11 months of the year, NOT enjoying life. 

Oh perhaps you live for the weekends and hate Monday’s, that’s 52 day’s you dislike spend the other four waiting for only 104 of 365 days. Thats a lot of missing out on life! How cool would it be if you appreciated every moment?

Granted likes and dislikes are part of our lives. We shouldn’t shame or avoid them,  but you cannot allow your likes and dislikes to directly drive your actions. You must learn to use reason and judgement of your intellect to guide them properly to enduring peace and happiness.

Our mind is like a child with out control of the adult or our intellect it will run rampant on what it likes and what it dislikes and you will live out of only likes and avoid the dislikes or find yourself in the midst of dislikes and unable to be present for life. 

Flipping the Perspective.

By flipping the perspective of the dislike and seeing how it plays a role in the shift and movement of life gains you appreciation for the moments we are not involved in moments of “like”. If it’s weekends you love, perhaps thinking how great Mondays are since they are the fresh start to your week. You can begin again and start planning for the weekend ahead. Each Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday is part of the journey. You get paid to show up and do and be  your best at your job, which in return gives you the funds for those Friday night plans! Just an example, but flip it how you will to see how it all plays a role throughout the journey. 

I dislike daylight savings time, it stresses me out, confuses my brain and undoes my lovely set sleep schedule. We recently lost heat (in 30 degree temps) at a studio I teach at, so I lost a couple classes. I was super bummed about not being able to teach, miss out on pay, and not be there for my Monday morning gang. I let my dislike of the situation take over me for about an hour (the child in me) until I let it go to the intellect in me. I realized that this was the perfect opportunity for me to have an extra few days to adjust to the evil daylight savings time. Plus, now I had extra time I was going to use to plan for the weeks classes to research and take chill time. What I discovered was that it’s helpful to adjust to daylight savings by slowing waking up 15 min earlier each week so by the time it hits you’re acclimated, plus you get extra time for coffee and meditation. Granted the adjustment period has already passed, but I now have the extra days to shift and know for future what to do to easily glide into DLS (and so do you!). 

So you see there’s always things we will like and dislike, it’s how the body gets through life, but by using our intellect we can reason with each like and dislike. I love ice-cream , but I do not need it everyday. I dislike missing out on teaching, but I can use the time wisely to get stuff done …or relax.

It’s All in the Practice. 

If you’ve taken my classes, you’ve heard me say this time and time again “the more we practice anything, the more it becomes a habit” . Practice taking your likes and flipping them, then practice taking your dislikes and flipping them. Use the intellect to find reason for each. Ice cream is in no way bad for you (unless perhaps lactose intolerant and its a dairy ice-cream) so don’t banish it when you flip the like, know that having it everyday takes away the enjoyment and “health” benefits. Practice seeing all sides to increase the strength of your intellectual muscle and it will just happen, as a habit would,  as a reaction the next time you find yourself in the situation. 

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