Begin again...

No matter what part of the year, day of the week, or even time of day…we always have the chance to begin again. Whether you’ve woken up on the “wrong side of the bed” , a co-worker has you steaming, maybe it was traffic to or from work, and maybe this just hasn’t been your year. It’s ok. Honestly, there’s a few weeks left in the year, we’re half way through the week, and there’s several hours left in the day. BEGIN AGAIN!!


Stop what you’re doing.

Close your eyes. INHALE. EXHALE. Repeat over the next 60 seconds… NO SERIOUSLY DO IT!!

Today I began again.

I have been off for five and a half weeks. I had a plan to read, create programs, make art, and meditate. However, the journey was bigger than my plans. I recently had surgery on my big toe, it was dislocated due to hypermobile joints. They had to go in and cut into my bone to place my toe in proper alignment. Long story short…the healing process is a journey you cannot control. Such as life. You move with it. You plan, but you move with it. So I did. I let it be as it needed to be. I took to my breath, I had meltdowns, and then began again.

You see, it’s always a practice.

There’s never a perfect. Even my doctor ( Dr. Tomasz Biernacki ) came back and said “You’ve got an A+ for how it all went…though we couldn’t quite make it “straight” but it’s WAY better and will last”. If he had made it “perfect” and straight, the way my bones are set (and I was born with) It would have made it hard to move later and wouldn’t have allowed me to be as active. Plus, my body wouldn’t have liked it, and would have caused other issues down the road thus more surgery to “fix” the problem. It’s just like the shapes we make in our practice. No one is the same, there is no perfect. If we try to put ourselves in picture perfect and our body doesn’t like it, the practice and shape won't last.

Just because it looks one way on someone, doesn’t mean it’s right for your body.

Yes, there’s alignment (I’ll be sending that one out in the next month or so) but we are all designed different so looking at someone else and trying to copy cat that may not be the way YOUR body moves, It’s ok. Close your eyes, breathe, Listen to your body, your instructor, your breath, move in a way that works.

I began again today.

I did a twenty minute practice today. If you were to judge the way I made my shapes according to yoga book pictures I would not have gotten that A+, if you were to judge the way my doctor or my body and mind saw things…that A+ was totally present.

I even did a meditation.

Sadly it’s been awhile, alas, I begin again. I set my timer and made sure I was ready to be fully present. Turned my do not disturb on, then hit start. I closed my eyes and began with a mantra: I am not my thoughts, I am not my body. I repeated it about 5x before switching to (inhale) I am, (exhale) LOVE. Before I knew it, the timer (60 seconds) went off! WHAT?! I DID IT!!

It’s that easy. You can do anything, just make it work for you.

begin again

Start small.

Who cares how long. Who cares what it looks like. What’s achievable for you!? DO THAT!!

Just as in practice, do what feels good.

I’ve miss this…Yoga, Meditation, Writing, Sharing… YOU!!

Please let me know by commenting, emailing or sharing your journey.

How will you begin again???