Happiness is all around...


You don't have to quit your job to be happy, but you you do have to do this..

Quit the negative talk 

Everything you hate you're giving power to. The more we think we hate it, the more we actually start to despise it. That's how powerful your mind is. Think of when we immerse ourselves in bad news, suddenly, the world is a ball of negativity and it stops us from doing what we want, we become scared of everything and everyone. There is a shortage of good news at the moment so we are surrounded by negative feelings. Visualization helps us see ourselves where we want to be so we work to achieve that goal, however, you can't visualize  without putting the work in. If you see yourself as a CEO, visualize it and then put the work in. If you see yourself in the job of your dreams, imagine what that would be and work towards it. Try this for a few months and let me know how it goes!

Start & End the Day on the Right Thought...

Try waking up each morning and think TODAY WILL BE AMAZING BECAUSE I LOVE ... and list three things that happen at your job or in your day that you're excited for.  At the end of the day, write down the three most amazing moments that occurred that day. Keep track of this! If writing in a notebook isn't your thing, try typing it up in a quick notes ap on your phone. The more you're imprinting positive actualities the more you will see them and the more you will start to shift your reality! It's pretty cool. 

If negative arises...Go Back to Your Intention

Think about why! Why are you there? Why did you begin? What do you love? Coming back to our why allows us to reset and focus on what our true intentions are.  Sometimes I want something so bad, such as traveling, that's all I see and forget everything else. I NEED to travel. But in reality, I don't. My intentions for doing all this is to spread the love I have for yoga, that's really what my love and passion is in this life. When I hear someone's life has changed because they can touch their toes, I know I'm stepping into the right path, whether it's in Howell, Michigan or a tropical destination. I am where I need to be...and so are you! Why did you begin?

Each evening ride home think of 3 things you LOVED THAT DAY

This is how I've learned to love the long traffic filled drives I find myself in. What were the wins for the day? Even the smallest ones count, because they matter to YOU!  Seeing a feather always lights up my day, I'm not sure why, but it does and that's one of the magical wins I love mentioning on those drives home.

It's a process.

Everything in life is a process, or a journey. Find the happy in it all. Seriously there is SO MUCH GOOD! Unless you want continue to be unhappy don't do it. But, what's the harm in finding the happy. Plus, it actually does work. And yep I just said it WORK. EVERYTHING IS WORK. We get out what we put in. It's true with everything. 

Do the work, see the happy!

Comment below and let me know what your intentions, or happy moments are...

Have a beautiful and magical day!