How badly do you want it…

There is a strength within all of us that gets us going and moving towards our goals. It just depends on how badly you want it?

Are you living the life you love? Is there something so badly that you want but just feel it’s out of reach? It’s not. Just a quick switch in your thinking and you can have all that you dream of, if you truly want it bad enough.

There are things we say we want but they aren’t truly what we need and deep down, we know it so we start to go for it and fizzle out. Truly if your goals are to be stronger work for it. Whether it’s mental or physical strength it all takes work and practice. What you feed live and what you don’t dies. Give yourself that positive re-enforcement that will kick up your thinking to the next level.  

What better way to start the day than with a happy thought.  Start each morning with a grateful heart.

NO REALLY…DO IT!!! :) Even if it’s pre-written out on your mirror to help get the morning started.   
-You can start with a BRIGHT sticky note with 5 things you’re grateful for and read them first thing.
-It takes 21 days to break and make a habit.
-Day 22 write on your mirror with a big black (erasable if you wish) marker across the top…. “I AM GRATEFUL FOR…” then start listing them off from there.
-Soon enough it’ll be something automatic coming to you as you rise and shine.

Would you rather?
It’s a game we use to play as kids but now you can use it for your real TRUE goals.
-Would you rather have the $5 coffee daily OR $1 make at home coffee and save your other $4 for your dream trip/ yoga retreat (such as my Root to Rise: Yoga, Nature and Fun Retreat this here for more details)
-Every little bit counts.
-Making those tiny adjustments in your daily routine can get you there with short bits rather than one HUGE chunk at a time.
-Would you rather sit on the couch and watch that show you can dvr without commercials to see later OR go for a brisk run or walk for 30 min to cut some extra calories at the end of a long work day??

It only takes a Small Shift to start seeing BIG CHANGE in the long run!!!
You CAN do it!!!!! You have to tell yourself that every single day and every single time you want to give up! You’re stronger than your mind allows you to think you are.

Plus by doing this you’re not only getting closer to your goals your mentally becoming stronger and gaining a more positive outlook on life.
Recently I’ve had talks with some friends who are getting to know me on a deeper level. I’ve had a lot of stuff happen in my life, hard stuff as we all have, but I don’t let that rule my thinking. I’m stronger because of it, and so are YOU!!!! You’ve gotten through challenges in life and not only survived, you THRIVED!!! Look at all you’ve don’t and been through. Life isn’t easy, that’s why it’s so grand! You’ve got this!!! I believe in you and so should YOU!!!!

Now ask yourself…how badly do YOU want the goal you’re going after?

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