Going offline...

The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up! ~P.Valery

My week (and a bit) off …

About a three weeks ago I took some time away from social media. I decided to do so because

I needed to reconnect with the magic of life

...without being so connected. My husband and I had a vacation coming up and I wanted to feel fully present in each and every moment, let go of my phone a little more and be less distracted from the here and now.

Here’s what happened…

The moment I left the “going away on a vacay” message on my email and deleted all social media apps, the biggest smile came over my face. Then a rushing sense of freedom!

I didn’t have to do anything and I was in total vacation mode. It was as if I had stripped myself of everything to start fresh and clean.
~ I enjoyed so much not having to carry my phone except for the occasional photos (which I believe I only took 5 or 6…actually had to swipe some from friends after to have some memories for our book). I became more present and able to look around at everything going on. Even while others around me checked their fb and messages I took the time too see and hear everything. It was a great way to meditate :).
~I came home early and had a few days alone from the trip and that’s when I thought I would want to look, not being distracted and all,  but I didn’t. I actually started to read a new book that pulled me right in. (Recommended by Kathryn Budig “American Gods” the 10th anniversary addition) I didn’t even really turn the tv on. Instead I focused on my practice and turned up the music and started to dance freely…what I used to do before social media was so present.
~I read articles to learn more about my practice and life. Even articles on the Olympic gymnasts and started to really get into watching them compete.

Then one day my urge to paint again was re-ignited.

I had been wanting to paint, but the moment never felt right. It wasn’t until after heading up to Omena, to plan next years summer retreat (click here for details) with Heather Feather, when it all came back. We were constantly busy and active in the day and wound down with vino and a fire in the evening. It was so energizing, peaceful, and...magical.
~Coming home from Omena and seeing a post from my niece who had such beautiful words and covered in paint. I grabbed my canvas and started to throw down the oils. It was as if a release had occurred.

Suddenly it was back. I was back. I was ready to share again.
I felt so cleansed (even covered in paint). So new. My paintings told a story that helped me express through color. Not only that, but they were a sort of moving meditation. Feeling the paint, finding a zone, and expressing in a way that words could not.

I’m not saying turn off the social media and start painting…although I highly recommend it in a therapeutic way. It’s so lovely.


...notice yourself. When you’re out with friends are you WITH them? Or are you using your phone?? I mean really why be with someone if you can text 20 people at the same time right?? It’s been nice to let that go.

 It’s also been nice to come back and share again.

I’m here to be the best me possible.

Social media allows me to share my message in a bigger way than we could have ever imagined even 10 years ago. How awesome is that??

My message through words or guiding you in a practice is to Empower and Strengthen Muscle and Mind.

Allowing you to know that YOU CAN do anything you put your mind into as long as you believe.

So the next time you go to post, are you sharing your journey in life? Or, knocking others down because they perhaps don’t have the same views as you? 

Remember what you put out is what comes back. If we want a positive world we should let go of the negative and send back positive. ;)

Be the Change YOU Want to See in the World!

Empower Your Practice

This year I’ve been doing a lot physically. As some may have noticed I started to occasionally use a wrist guard. Between my hip hop, barre class, personal training, instructing yoga, my own practice, and running I have managed to find an injury. Which actually, come to find out, is normal. In reading several articles from Yoga Journal, Mind Body, and random books, the more you push eventually somethings going to give. For me it was my shoulder leading to my wrist, then back and finally hit the ground with my foot. In a sort of zig zag pattern or compensation pattern.  

Ever have one of those??

Your body will start to compensate or put pressure on the opposite side of the injury to help protect it.

So when practicing if your hips are unaligned you’re actually putting more pressure on other areas in order for the body to compensate and take pressure off the area that is trying to heal.

The biggest way to prevent this??? CORE STRENGTH!!!

:) If you’ve ever been to one of my classes that’s always in there! If you don’t have core strength or strength from your center (front and back) everything else starts to collapse.  Best poses to do this are your Boat Pose! It doesn't even have to be crazy complicated. Sit on the floor tall. Legs bent in front of you feet flat. Feel the crown of your head rise as your tail bone roots down. If your need more tuck the tail bone (almost a scooping action) plant the hands down lift knees and crunch them into the chest. BREATHE! Hold for five breathes. Extend the legs. Hold five more breathes. Plant feet down and row each side of the boat. Breathing Deep. This is a great right before you get in the shower daily core routine. Quick easy and effective. 

Have wrist pain in your practice??

Take some time to focus more on the core. Then when going through flow focus on the core. That whole center body should stay strong throughout. Whether in plank or down dog the core must be actively engaged.

Dealing with a current injury to the wrists?

Yoga isn’t about the pose. If the instructor says come into down dog modify and go in to dolphin by dropping down on to the forearms and allowing the fingers to spread open taking pressure off. Same thing in plank, use your forearm plank. Remember that This is YOUR practice, do what feels good to you!!

In a fast moving sport such as dance or baseball?

Take the time before the actual class to go through the movements in a slower paced environment. My husband is a pilot who does aerobatics spins in the sky, much like jerking your body around for a quick movement on the field, that takes a lot of practice to do smoothly and properly. He said something to me once that stuck,

“ Slow is Smooth, Smooth is Fast”.

It’s just like running. We had to learn to crawl first before we could ever gain speed. Listen to your body. Warm it up. Let go of ego. Do what’s right for you.  You’re the only one that knows whats right for you.

Yoga in the Vines with Heather Feather while retreat planning.

Yoga in the Vines with Heather Feather while retreat planning.

Hope you’re all enjoying this wonderful season! I’m really excited for our JUNE 2017 retreat to Omena, Michigan that you can now sign up for!!! For more details and to sign up, CLICK HERE!!! It’ll be an amazing, magical time to be wild and free while connecting with a like minded tribe. Spaces are super limited and fill up fast! Be sure to grab your space by making the deposit or paying in full. With two free spirited Sagittariunsin charge this is one adventure you won't wana miss!

Yoga in the Park ...

...will be going on till the end of November (with a few breaks in between) so be sure to come on out and flow with me! It’s always a lovely time!

Have a beautiful day!!
Namaste (: