Two weeks before my wedding I lost one of my best friends, my grandma.  My heart broke into a thousand pieces on the floor. It was over.  I sat with my fiancé discussing the possibility of calling off the wedding.   What’s the point?  We don’t need the show we were in love and had each other.  He supported me with what ever I wanted.  I never really got the chance to mourn. It was a whirlwind up to the wedding day and before I knew it we were on our honeymoon.  The last day we were there I had fallen and tore all the muscles in my leg. Unable to drive to work I was left home alone as my husband left for his days. Left to my black dark thoughts mourning my grandma unable to move to do anything.

 I read books on death and dying, and what happens next,  I often asked “What’s the point in life? What’s the point in everything we just did?”  Have you ever sat and wondered What your purpose in this world is?  That’s when i started learning more on enlightenment of life, and how i could live my journey and be a better person and do something for the greater good.  

That’s when I stumbled upon doing yoga to help fix my leg. I wanted to run and move again.  Through doing yoga I was able to do that. 

I was able to move.  I felt strong and empowered.  I wanted to share this with other people.

For them to feel that strength from within when you are in moments that you feel like you can’t breathe and you’re in this dark rabbit hole that will never end. I discovered yoga is the way to connect the body and mind, whether your moving or sitting, you have the strength to do anything you put your heart and mind into. So are you ready to unlock your full potential and start living the life you deserve?

 I became a yoga alliance certified yoga instructor in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico where I went on a 30 day journey to discover myself even deeper than before.

I felt even more empowered by yoga and what it could do, and now want to share that with the world.

I started Yoga in the Park to embrace the breath and flow of yoga with the beautiful surroundings of nature. I’ve studied under some of the yoga worlds best known instructors to learn as much as possible and help spread the knowledge to as many people world wide. Going “home” to Playa each year I reconnect with the beginning of my journey to stay grounded and assist in teaching the new yoga students. 

Continuing on my journey to explore and meet new people I’m ready to take my "Strength with a Smile" on the road.  Now headed on some awesome retreats around the globe to not only find the beauty in the world but dig deeper and find your strength and power within. 


Are you ready to unlock your potential and dive into you’re

journey of strength?